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Broken heart or Lonely heart?}
Wednesday, September 19, 2012 | 6:23 PM | 0Comment

Is it really better to have fallen in love and had your heart broken than to have never loved at all? Is the answer in the statement that "a broken heart is better than a lonely heart?" To look into the answer one would have had to have experienced both circumstances: loneliness and love. 

Love is the greatest emotion that we can feel as human beings. However, love often has strings attached to it. Sometimes after a relationship finishes, both individuals will lead separate lives that will never cross again,but on the other hand,others may finish a relationship only to rekindle it at a later point in time.

Some people may argue that it is best not to have something so wonderful and then never to experience it again. To have been made aware of this feeling, only to have it missing, will certainly cause a person to long for it again. However, is it possible to compare this feeling with that of having a lonely heart?

You could draw the following from this perspective. Once you've shared your life with someone, there's always a hole left when the person leaves you or the special bond is over. If you have never made space for someone or given space in your heart to someone then you possibly can never know the emptiness that is left behind when that someone walks out of your life.

When your heart is lonely, you have only your imagination to fill in what it would be like. In the case of what it feels like to have someone to love you; imagination just can't fill it in that easily. You can imagine someone being happy to see you when you come into their life. 

But not a little details that really let you know that you are loves cannot be filled in by an inexperienced imagination. Loneliness is truly a harsh reality which cannot be ignored.

When you are recovering from a broken heart, it is important to remember that you were once in love and these memories can give you hope for more to come. You can always remember that special feeling you had in the past as compared to having lonely heart.

So think. Assalamualaikum.